Homely Habitat hat

I finished this project yesterday evening tried it on and it fits beautifully. Washed it an dried it flat, not much, ok, any blocking done really.  It didn’t shrink or grow hurrah!  Maybe my mojo has returned.

Ravelry link Sorry for the mirror shot but I had no other option, at least I took my mirror outside to get some natural light because the light inside my house is shocking today due to the lovely rain we’re having, also I did well getting 10 minutes when it wasn’t raining.

I can honestly say that there is nothing that I don’t love about this project, the yarn is just everything I love about a yarn, woolly, textured, beautiful colour.  Due to being woollen spun the stitch definition is slightly fuzzy but the cables still pop.  The pattern is intuitive and well written, the cables are just gorgeous and it fits and flatters too!  What’s not to love? It was also a speedy knit, extra bonus points!  With this in mind I will be buying more Shelter to knit up the other Jared Flood and Wool People patterns in my queue.  Talking of Wool People, I think it’s an absolutely perfect name for the look book, also there is a cabled beanie in there called St. Leger.  You may recall in my Yorkshire day post I wrote about the St. Leger races, ah ha!

Well I shall be off to start my new project.

ttfn Melanie x




Knits for the men

I’ve been busy knitting knits for my men. They all have something new and warm and woolly now.

The first beanie was too big for hubby so eldest son happily claimed it…
So the next day I set about knitting another beanie which would hopefully fit hubby.  Again another Wooly Wormhead pattern but this time in Icelandic Lopi mmmm, snuggly warm.

It fits, huzzah!

Youngest son then decided he would quite like a scarf and as it was his birthday last weekend I couldn’t refuse.  I didn’t have any black aran weight yarn in my stash so I ordered 5 balls of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in coal from the Woolbaa that night and sent hubby to collect it the next day as he works near there.  I decided to use Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s one-row handspun scarf pattern because it’s reversible and I really like it.

He gets the “moon tan” from me, I tried several times to take photo’s in different areas and they all had that, I’m a stranger to daylight look.  Any tips Damian?  The scarf was completed 2 days after his birthday and he’s very happy with it because it’s not itchy.  The grass looks that vivid because it’s just rained.

I’m now occupied with secret gift knitting and will be for a few weeks so there will be no sneaky peeks until they are with the recipients.  However, on Friday I’m going with some of the Richmond Knitters to Bendigo wool and sheep fayre so I hall have heaps to show and tell after that.  It will be my first time and I am giddy beyond belief.  There will be sheep and fibre and yarn and all manner of woolly stuff, I believe camelids too but… meh!  The men are a tad worried that I might come back with a sheep or three but as vivid as the grass looks after rain I think perhaps it is insufficient to sustain even one sheep.  Perhaps we could move before next year’s Bendigo though.

Finished Aurora Borealis Scarf

Ta daaa!

It’s finished and I’m wearing it today and probably every day this week because I love it so much.  The yarn hand dyed by Skein is merino/cashmere 4ply in Ao colourway, it is so very soft and squishy and the colours are absolutely gorgeous.  It did grow a little after soaking for 5 minutes but I put it in the tumble drier when still a bit damp and it shrunk back to nearly it’s original size.  I find that merino does tend to grow a little but 15 minutes in a tumble dryer on a low to medium heat usually sorts that right out.  The pattern is “Favorite scarf ever” (oh but it kills me to not be able to put a u in favourite but if you put the u in you won’t find it) by Lisa Bruce.  I think it’s a perfect match for pretty sock yarn that is too pretty to end up on your feet and I used my whole skein up to make a long 208cm scarf.  The pattern is so easy I would say perfect for someone who wants to try lace for the first time.

So now I’m off to work wearing my lovely new scarf… and other clothes of course.

ttfn Melanie x

Practicing, forgotten purchase and 4th parcel

Last night I crafted like a woman possessed or obsessed, either way.

I practiced more weaving and began to get into a rhythm.  It occurred to me that just like in knitting, if you relax into it and don’t fret too much about tension and getting everything just so your hands naturally work to create an even tension.  Because, look…

…the edges are getting neater, still not perfect, but definitely better.

Then I practiced some more on the drop spindle to get something that vaguely resembled spun yarn, this is going to take some work I think.  My drafting is a bit, how can I say…


This is the fruits of my efforts from last night.

A bit thick and thin all over the place but hey, I’m enjoying the practice, so much so that when I eventually looked up from spinning I found it was one o’clock in the morning and way past my bedtime.  Talk about time flying by when you’re having fun.

So I was having so much fun last night I forgot to show you an adorable purchase I made yesterday in a little craft/gift shop a couple of doors down from Onabee.  Here he is

He’s a tea for two rabbit and he needs a name really, I shall have to put my thinking cap on.

Lastly, which is quite appropriate really my 4th parcel finally came. It’s a lovely book by Lucinda Guy called Northern Knits because I love the traditions and history of the knitting of Scandanavia and the northernmost islands of Britain.

Well that’s me for now, ttfn x

Socks for Sam

Hurrah! Sam’s socks are finally finished and he is thrilled with them, as am I.  I have learnt heaps during their creation and as I’ve said before, this pattern will be my go-to-sock pattern from now on.  That said, I do feel that it is important to learn new construction elements with each project to prevent boredom.  I also love the Woolcraft superwash sock yarn, I think it will wear well and the colour and shade variations create a lovely kind of retro look that I like.

Here the socks are modelled by Elliott, who has slightly smaller feet, but Sam wasn’t available during daylight hours, for the good light.  Will remember to give his social secretary a bit more notice for a photoshoot appointment next time.

Hubby is also pleased as it means I can now start his socks.  It makes me feel a bit like a sock making machine but hey, it’s earned me the right to have a light on whilst I knit and watch the telly so I’m not too bothered.  Ian’s socks will have a bit of a rib to them, I’m in discussion with his royal hubbiness regarding this at the moment.  I’m even contemplating trying to knit them two at a time, to prevent the aforementioned boredom, we shall see.

One down, three to go…

Wayhay! I finished a sock, after a few false starts and it fits.

So the first of my socks for my menfolk is knitted and I’ve started the second straight away, one day I may learn to knit two at a time, but for now one at a time on an 80cm circular will do just fine.   And I must say, although I have only knit one pair of socks previously, I think that the toe up method has got to be my favourite, if you haven’t already you must try it, especially if you find kitchener a bit, meh!

Judy’s magic cast on was recommended for this pattern and it has got to be the most awesome (like fifty billion hot dogs awesome) provisional cast on I have come across in my knitting adventures thus far.  I cannot recommend this cast on enough, for its simplicity (even I can do it) and seamlessness, I especially love how you can easily cast on with two circulars and then the stitches are live and on needles ready to go instead of having to unravel the waste yarn, which I always find to be a bit of a PITA.  I wish I had found it before I cast on for Manu and Coraline, gosh darn it! Anyhoo, now I know!

Ooh, my simple, seamless beauty, how I adore you!

More Crafty Inspiration

I’ve been fiddling a bit with the look of my blog, I hope you like, possibly more tweeking to come as I get cleverer at this stuff.

The other day I received my copy of the latest Rowan book through the post and as usual there is heaps of inspiration.  Much to my delight there are a few jumpers that Sam, my eldest teenage son likes and I have bought a few yarns to swatch and try out.  His favourite design is called Rover by Erika Knight, my only gripe is that it is not a seamless design and therefore I may have to try my hand at adapting the pattern.

I have also been thinking about taking up sewing as I love wearing skirts but they are few and far between in the shops.  So, I bought a copy of Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern book for inspiration and her Barcelona A-line skirt pattern.  I’m waiting for some new fabric stock to come in at Clegs and I’m looking into classes, so watch this space!

To top off my crafty book purchasing I bought a copy of “Meet me at Mike’s” by Pip Lincolne owner of the Fitzroy shop by the same name.  This book is chocca full of cute crafty stuff to make.  I keep hearing about this shop and keep promising to visit it, which I fully intend to do soon and of course I will report back as soon as I have.  Below are pictures of the super cute notebook cover and delicious looking pink Lamingtons from the book, I can’t wait to try!